General Terms and Conditions

1. Subject Matter of Contract

The General Terms and Conditions at hand regulate the privity of contract between the customer and Thessoni home as the lessor of apartments and studios.


2. Contract Conclusion

For you to be informed about your rights and duties please make sure to read these TOC carefully and completely. With your application, these TOC become an integral part of the rental agreement between you and Thessoni home


3. Payment

The payment is due immediately, at latest 10 days prior to arrival. Delayed payment or no payment at all counts as rescission and allows for leasing the object to another party and the belated guest will have to pay the rescission, respectively the administrative charges. Payments via credit card will be charged immediately after booking.


4. Liability

The lessor can not be accounted liable for damage to the lease object due to an act of nature beyond control such as strike, war, earthquake, customary power- and water outages or bad weather. If the lease object is out of order due to an act of nature beyond control and there are no other free rooms available the liability is restricted to at most the amount that’s been agreed upon for the remaining payment.


5. Obligation to Cooperate

The leaser is asked to check the inventory of the lease object upon arrival and tell the owner/caretaker within 24 hours of any defects so that they can be resolved. Also, all other claims regarding the lease object have to be reported immediately. Claims handed in at a later time will not be recognized. The leaser has to take care of the lease object and the inventory and is required to notify the owner/caretaker of any damages and replace them. Smoking is strictly prohibited in Thessoni home


6. Occupancy

The lease object can only be occupied with the number of persons designated (including children and babies). Additional persons can be denied or charged separately by the caretaker.


7. Rescission – Rebooking

The rescission of the applicant has to be in written form.
Relevant is the date of receipt.
The following rescission fees are taken from the rent:

  • up until 20 days prior to arrival: 25%
  • 19 – 15 days prior to arrival: 50%
  • 14 – 2 days prior to arrival: 75%
  • less than 2 days prior to arrival: 100%

Upon rescission on the day of arrival or not showing up the whole renting fee will be charged.
In agreement there’s the possibility to provide a replacement leaser for the same conditions.
The administrative fee for a rebooking or cancellation is 100 CHF.
We recommend buying an annulation insurance.


8. Changes of Prices

Thessoni home is allowed to change the prices accordingly in cases of during the publication- respectively booking time unknown, newly added or removed common mandatory fees or concession taxes such as value added tax, changes in change etc. If the raise in prices is greater than 10%, the customer may retreat from the leasing agreement without additional costs within 5 days.


9. Miscellaneous

After paying the bill you will get your key code. You’re permitted to enter your apartment this way at 4 PM earliest.
You will have to leave the apartment on the day of departure at 10 AM latest. This enables us to carefully clean and control the apartment.
Bringing along pets is only allowed with written consent of Thessoni home
Any extraordinary possible costs are to be paid in cash at the end of the stay. The landlord and key holder will have to be present.

Bookings that last longer than 30 days can only be paid previously and using credit cards. Longer bookings starting from 31 days can be paid via banker’s order or quarterly or monthwise in previous. Other means of payment will only be accepted in agreement.

The translation of the general terms and conditions at hand are provided as a convenience for non-native German speakers and may not be as accurate. Please refer to the German version of the AGB to find the most proper version.

Sole place of jurisdiction is 8105 Regensdorf
Swiss law is applicable.