suites (40-46 sq.m.)

In our suites, we have combined hand-finished furniture with selected antiques. Marble-white finestone floors lend a bright, easy ambience. Seating corners, contemporary furnishings – and roof terraces in some suites – ensure a comfortable experience, while quality hi-fi systems from Revox provide perfect sound. Our Elite Box spring beds are also a real luxury: made in a small workshop in Aubonne on Geneva lake, they use the finest natural materials: organic cotton, Swiss wool, horsetail hair, cashmere, latex and silk. Bedding made of fine Egyptian cotton is the icing on the cake, for a perfect night’s sleep.

The suites are designed for holiday makers and guests that enjoy a certain luxury, and are perfect for short or longer stays. They are particularly well-suited for business travellers and long-term guests that appreciate a coffee machine while not requiring a full kitchen. For families and guests with high standards, it is possible to join three suites.

All bathrooms are upgraded to non-transparent showers (with walls or non-transparent glass).

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