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Our rooms (studios) are bright, modern and due to their thoughtful room cuts they appear spacious and flooded with light. A white marble floor gives them a special transparency and corresponds perfectly with the furniture made of tubular steel and solid wood. Light and stylish, the bathrooms are integrated into the rooms. And our Elite Box Spring beds can be called precious. They were made in a manufactory in Aubonne on Lake Geneva, from natural materials such as cashmere and silk. With bed covers made of Egyptian cotton, they guarantee the highest level of sleeping pleasure.

The rooms are aimed at short-stay travelers, businessmen planning a few days with small luggage. But also to long-stay guests who are traveling on a small budget and do not want a kitchen. Alternatively, the guest will find his private kitchen and a comfortable living room in our kitchen-cum-living room on the first floor.

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All bathrooms are equipped with non-transparent showers (with walls or non-transparent glass).
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