homeSUITEN (40-46m2)

In our suites we have combined handmade furniture with high quality armchairs. The marble white floor makes them look bright and light. Sitting areas, high tables for working or as a bar as well as exceptional bathrooms guarantee optimal use. The finest hi-fi equipment from Revox provides a perfect sound system. And our box spring beds can certainly be called precious. They were made in a manufactory in Aubonne on Lake Geneva, from materials of nature: organic cotton, cashmere and silk. With bed covers made of Egyptian cotton, they guarantee the highest sleeping pleasure.

The suites are aimed at vacation and pleasure guests staying for shorter or longer periods, and are also particularly suitable for business travelers and long-term guests who want the high comfort of the room.

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All bathrooms are equipped with non-transparent showers (with walls or non-transparent glass).
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Living in the Thessoni homeSUITE:

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